Glass Repair for the DIYers’

October 31, 2017

We would love to repair windows and all of your glass repair needs. And we are good at it. Just check our testimonials. However, we know there are several “Do It Yourself” friends who just want to give it a … Continue reading

Improve the Value of Your Kitchen in These 5 Simple Steps

October 2, 2017

Styles for kitchens come and go just like any other aspect of a home. What once was considered chic and on trend may no longer hold the same level of worth as before. Follow these 5 simple steps to achieve … Continue reading

Why You Should Consider Investing In Safety Glass

August 24, 2017

We all know mistakes happen and things break. Take the precaution of insuring your glass fixtures are less likely to break and are less harmful if broken. We offer a wide range of safety glass including; tempered glass, laminated glass, … Continue reading

How New Windows Increase your Home’s Value

July 26, 2017

Looking to sell your home, or maybe you are just preparing to sell your home in the near future. Either way, investing in new windows can pay off in the long run. They will increase your home’s value and attract … Continue reading

How To Take Care Of Your Glass: And 6 Other Home Cleaning Tips & Tricks

June 27, 2017

There’s nothing worse than cleaning a whole house only to look over to see streaks still covering all the glass windows, doors and mirrors. Here are ways to ensure streak free clean glass along with 6 other tips & tricks … Continue reading